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Ok I am 40 and have a 21 year old and a 8 year old. I have never really trained or did a fitness program in my life. Flash back to 3 months ago when it finally hit me as I was reading through my Mrs. RI United States paperwork for Nationals. “A bathing suit shoot by the pool at Nationals…Susanna BarrettOMG!?.. a stage competition in bathing suit … BATHING SUIT!”. Needless to say panic sunk in as I thought of the day light beaming down on my butt and legs or the horrible thought of stage lighting as it lit up my thighs and stomach from 3 feet below!

That’s right, the audience and judges sitting 3 feet below the stage looking up!! So I called the best person I knew fitness guru Lori Ann Marchese she will make me feel better … Right? If you want to know what you really look like ladies in a swimsuit go outside in your bikini in full sun and hold the camera 3 feet below and snap after all that’s what the judges would be seeing !!!

In the words of Lori Ann Hummm no !?! we have a lot of work to do!

Three things I quickly learned!

  1. You can diet and exercise all you want but if your not putting the correct protein and supplements in your body you will only get little results with a lot of wasted effort.
  2. Thinking ahead in fitness is key, you know your going to be hungry during the day so pre-making your food is key in a successful eating plan.
  3. Consistency is key!! Don’t over commit when i sign up for the gym I was like ya” I will be here 5 times a week humm “no you wouldn’t Susanna” but I did commit to 3 x and usually made it more.

No Results?

So I’am drinking my protein, going to the gym, eating healthy and I’am just not seeing huge results so I call Lori Ann to come train to see what I was doing wrong. The answer? …muscle exhaustion.

Note to self, if you still look cute leaving the gym than you didn’t work out !! You can’t just lift 20 pound weights 20 times you need to do burpees (see example) and squats and crawl on the floor till you can’t stand up!!

It was amazing my body began to change instantly; Lori Ann is the Shawn T of the female fitness world. She tells you how it is and not what you want to hear.

Lori Ann Marchese’s Advice:

Susanna had all the elements of a good client: She had a goal, she was motivated but she realistic. When I first came down to Rhode Island for a fitness consultation with Susanna, I first asked Susanna tell what your fitness routine is? She said, “ya I usually do a little bit of this machine a little bit of that” I was like um okay! How about show me how you squat? Susanna showed me how she squatted and it was quarter squat! SoLori Ann Marchese Susanna gives me a look! I said listen, we have a lot of work to do! I am not a trainer that will sugar coat anything! I tell like it is and my main goal as a trainer is to make my client get the best results they can ever dream of.

Fitness Exercises need to have the correct form for best results and when you leave the gym you can’t look pretty! I want to see sweat! I want to see mascara dripping down your face! Sweat! Burn and Build!

I put Susanna through a workout, she was complaining but pushing hard! I saw a go better in her! I saw the eye of the tiger! Made me proud to see her motivation! She knew she had work to do and didn’t stop her from continuing on to be the best of the best! Then I put her on my supplement regimen that consisted of:

  • 2 Body Construct Protein Shakes with small piece of fruit for her 2 daily snack times
  • Pre Workout- 2 scoops of Body Construct Pregame blend
  • Post Workout- within 30 minutes after each workout
  • 1 scoop Body Construct Protein
  • 2 Scoops Bcaa With a Banana (Www.bodyconstructfit.com shop products)

I couldn’t be anymore proud  to see her walk across that stage at Mrs United States with rock solid legs, tight tummy and beautiful arms! Her hard work paid off and made me a proud trainer!

Body Construct

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