Hailing from Johnston, Rhode Island, Susanna Paliotta is a successful entrepreneur, business woman, author, pilot and more. A recipient of the Woman in Business Award, Susanna is the co-founder of Bound by The Crown Couture, a stylish lifestyle clothing brand for children. Susanna attributes her love of animals (her children’s book “Isabella goes to the City” features a fearful little dog) and flying (she is a small plane enthusiast and loves to fly a Cessna 172) to her late father who was an engineer and a professional jockey. Susanna is married to successful construction entrepreneur Antonio and has two daughters: Victoria, 21 and Isabella, 7. Susanna became a strong anti-bullying advocate after almost losing Victoria in a horrific teen bullying incident and vows to help others through her story and the Stop, Think, Feel Pledge. Daughter Isabella is a star in her own right as a model, actress, singer and pageant champion.

Susanna Paliotta - Isabella goes to the city


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