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I have always had a passion for flying since I was a little girl and remembering traveling constantly while growing up. In my early 20’s I started flying at Horizon Aviation and also worked there for a short period of time. The first plane I every qualified on was a Cessna 152 called Tweetybird. It was bright yellow two seater prop plane that looked like it belonged more in an air show than a passenger plane. Today I still love to fly anytime I can and with TF Green Airport so close its a nice way to fly up to Newport or Block Island. My older daughter hates to fly and has never been up with me but Isabella on the other hand well you can see from the pictures she has her sights on something bigger than a prop plane.

power_up_bella plane IMG_3588_1 IMG_3587 IMAG2804-1-1 IMAG2802 IMAG2801

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